Oasis Cruise Day 6: At Sea

This one should be short because we didn’t do a whole lot.

We woke up at 8:30 and messed around in the cabin until lunch time. Elle was able to get the TV working for awhile to help keep Jack busy, but later it started its on-and-off cycle again.

Lunch was at the Windjammer, which was understandably more crowded because it was a sea day. Max tried to get by with sodas and rolls, but we made him force some protein into his mouth!

After lunch we were lounging around the room when Jack announced, “I want to see friends in my class, please.” Knowing he meant AO, we took him up there and let him play until supper. Max and I both ordered prime rib, and though you may tire of reading this, it was another excellent steak! Elle ordered blue cheese pasta and was pleased. The blue cheese we ate all over the ship was flavorful but not overly funky.

Max decided to accompany us to Come Fly With Me. We had a little trouble finding a seat initially, because one way RC reserves seats for higher up members and The Key is to throw a reserved sign on one seat and then tell people three rows away they are also in reserved seats. I’m glad they were honoring their requirements to hold seats, but it seems they could have done a better job marking the reserved rows.

Come Fly With Me was entertaining. There were lots of acrobatic feats going on at one time. Our favorite was when two people were suspended over the stage, one the mirror image of the other. It was cool watching them “walk” through the air.

After the show, Max went his way and we walked back to the cabin for some more TV for Jack. I walked over to the Loyalty Ambassador in the “Library,” but I missed the rep’s opening hours.

I put Library in quotes because it seems more like a room that used to be a library. There were many empty bookcases in the room and one small section that looked like a paperback exchange. I wonder if it will be repurposed when the ship goes into dry dock later this year.