Oasis of the Seas Day 3: At Sea

Jack woke us up early, so we got ready and went to breakfast at WJ. I’ve been wanting to try one of the other complimentary breakfast offerings, but WJ has been so good to us I wasn’t able to convince Elle or Max it was a good idea any of the days. Next cruise I’m going to make a list of all my “must dos” and do my best to cross them off without being a pest. Max was still snoozing after rolling in around midnight last night.

After breakfast we headed to Deck 4 for the veterans meet and greet. We were there about midway through, but no one else was in the room. Later we heard they do this every sea day and there would be special prizes the last day. We intended to go but completely forgot about it until right now as I type this 🙂

The veteran meet and greet was right next to the Cruise Critic M&G, so we went next door to the comedy club where it was held. We’ve been to others before where we actually met and greeted the others, but on this one we went straight to giving out prizes and then everyone started leaving–some right in the middle of the activities director still talking. We won twice and got a nice water bottle and RC backpack. Jack was a little shy when we went on stage, but as we walked back he did his typical “YES!!” like “I nailed it, you all saw how awesome I am!” That got some smiles from our fellow cruisers.

Next we headed back to the cabin to change. All day long we kept missing Max as he went to meals (I use the term loosely–the boy lived on bread and Cokes!) and teen activities. We took Jack to AO and then headed to the Solarium for a while. We sat in one of the hot tubs that hang over the side of the ship for awhile and then got drinks while we read. It was hard to find a seat since the outside areas were so windy, but eventually we found some chairs upstairs.

We picked Jack up for lunch and saw we’d missed Max again. The three of us went to WJ and got some delicious roast beef among other things. While we were eating, Max spotted us, and we all sat together for awhile eating various desserts and refilling our Freestyle drinks. Max and I went to try the zipline and rock wall, but both were closed. Max went off to the teen area and I went back to the cabin. Up until this point we’d been carrying walkie talkies, and we occasionally had success, although we also heard some employees talking to each other. Today they barely worked at all, even when I was outside The Living Room and Max was inside. We decided not to bring them anymore on this ship.

When I got back I saw that both the zipline and rock climbing wall were just closed for lunch and were re-opening soon. That’s where I discovered the walkies didn’t work, because Max never heard me call him to join me. I stood in the short line for the zipline, and when I got to the front I saw the sign stating that pockets had to be empty, no watches, etc. I understand RC has to make some rules to protect themselves from lawsuits, but it seemed like the rules could have been better publicized. Also it would be great if they would have some kind of shelves or lockers to hold things while you do the zipline. I knew Elle and Jack were napping, so I got a drink and hung out by the pool a bit. It was pretty windy, meaning it was easy to find a seat. Unfortunately the music playing in the pool area was AWFUL! I never found out if it was live or a recording, but it was some sort of crazy Caribbean stream-of-consciousness drivel that has no real rhythm or tune to it. I felt like the performer was contemplating suicide and musically inviting us to join him. Instead I wandered around the ship to get away from the music, and then eventually wandered back to the room to nap, too.

While we were getting ready for dinner, the Captain came on with an excruciatingly long announcement that boiled down to: “Yes, we know it’s windy and the ship is rocking a lot. No, this is nowhere near as bad as it could be so suck it up. We’ve altered course to make it as good as we can, meaning we’ll arrive late into St. Thomas.” I understand he needed to convey some information, but he wasn’t following the basic principles of think about what you want to say, then key the mic and say it concisely.

By the time we left there was still no contact from Max, so we waited a bit outside the American Icon grill in case he showed up. Then we went and enjoyed another delicious MDR meal with our very friendly waiters Albert and Ida. Today the “I know what you want before you ask” backfired a bit because Elle decided to order something other than an amaretto sour. When the drink arrived, the bar server was genuinely confused when she said she didn’t order the drink. After that, Ida was sure to confirm every drink order before he placed it.

We went back to the room where there was no sign of Max, but he showed up 10 minutes later. He never thought of using the app we all used 4,000 times a day to see when dinner was and meet us there, but he was annoyed with *us* for him missing an MDR meal. Teenagers! (Elle says I’m mis-remembering, but I’m still shaking my cane and telling Max to get off my lawn!) We also found out he’d locked himself out of the room twice and was let in by stewards, the second time being our steward Romeo. He thought Romeo was mad at him, but Romeo was rather grumpy the whole week so there’s no telling.

We went to the Aqua Theater and found seats for the show. It was pretty full, but we were able to find chairs just outside the splash zone before they opened it up to the unreserved masses who filled in the benches and some of the splash seats. There was a lot of activity near the pool, but we didn’t think anything of it until the activities director announced the show was being cancelled due to a problem. Apparently the equipment that allows divers to see down in the pool wasn’t working on one side, meaning they couldn’t tell if it was safe to dive. They said we’d be automatically rescheduled later in the cruise, and then started playing a movie. We hung around a bit and then let Jack play in the Boardwalk play areas for a few minutes. While we were there we heard “alfa, alfa, alfa” over the intercom, which we later found out meant a medical emergency.

Those Aqua Theater Suites look like a lot of fun!
The Stormtooper might not have really been there 🙂

We left the boys in the cabin and then went to the Comedy Club. In our opinion they violated the traditional comedy club format by putting the best comedian first. Nery Saenz was absolutely hilarious! I laughed so hard I was crying and coughing. One of his strengths was taking anything from talking to audience members and turning it into big laughs. The best part was when he got onto some young adults vacationing with her parents. Turns out her dad might have paid for a little more of the cruise than she let on initially 🙂 (Elle thinks it was the boyfriend’s dad, but either way it was funny when Nery put Dad on the spot!) After Nery was finished, Damian Clark took over. Now I don’t want to sell Damian short. He was funny enough, but we would have appreciated him more as the opener. Still he got some good laughs, and we were ready to laugh some more over at the next activity.

We walked right over to the Opal theater for the Love and Marriage game show. It was one of our favorites from our 2001 RC cruise, and this one delivered as well. It was hilarious to watch the newlyweds squirm, framing their answers in a way that their entire family–in the audience–would accept. I was surprised to see people bringing their kids despite the repeated warnings that this was an adult show. Those kids sure got an earful!

By the time we got back to the cabin, we managed to stay up until midnight like grownups. Max decided it wasn’t worth leaving for an hour, so he went to bed too. All-in-all it was a great day at sea!