Cabin 11128

A quick video walk through:

Here are my photos of the cabin so far. I thought I took more, but maybe my wife did and I haven’t seen hers yet. I’ll add more to the album if I find more.


As I mentioned before, 11128 is a 1K Family Oceanview (also called superior oceanview on some websites). As cruise cabins go, it was pretty enormous. We had plenty of space to move around without running into each other, and the walk-in closet was great. The one US plug made it more difficult to keep everything charged because the outlets were close to each other. Additionally, the left-most outlet was loose, and plugs kept falling out of it. We used a 5-port USB charger (not confiscated, thankfully) that was able to reach to the side of the bed. That allowed us to keep 2 phones and an iPad charged with ease. I forgot to check my son’s plug, and found out on board he brought a brick with USB-C on both ends of the plug, meaning he couldn’t use my standard USB multi-port charger. We were able to plug in his brick on one side and the charger on the other side, blocking the middle outlet. We checked the devices frequently to make sure the plug hadn’t slipped out.

The other downside was the TV. As you can see in the photos, it was mounted on the wall next to the bed. Although it opened a little, it wasn’t enough to view it from the bed. That meant you had to sit on the couch (way on the other side of the room) or on the floor in order to watch TV. That wasn’t a big deal because we didn’t watch much, but the problem was keeping the TV on when we wanted it. After the first day, the TV started randomly turning off and right back on while we were watching it. We hid the remote in case a button was stuck, but it kept going. We also pressed the buttons on the side in case they were stuck, but it kept cycling. What made it worse is the TV has an annoying startup sound that played over and over as it cycled. That woke up Max when we were trying to let Jack watch TV quietly in the morning. We reported the TV twice–the second directly to guest services–and as far as we know nothing happened. If you get stuck with this problem, feel free to tell them the guest on the 2/10 sailing reported it too 🙂

The bed was comfortable, and I slept better than I had in a while. The air conditioning was ok, but sometimes one of us accidentally turned off the master switch, which kills all lights and the AC. Also, even with the master on, the AC couldn’t keep up with the outside temperature. With the switch on full cool for several days, it still got fairly warm, even in the middle of the night. It wasn’t bad enough to make me ask for a fan–and I would have if it disrupted my sleep–but enough to notice it was inconsistent at best.

Our cabin steward kept the cabin spotless and did the usual 2x day cleaning. The one day Max lounged around and prevented him from entering, he apologized to us for not cleaning it, when it obviously wasn’t his doing. Overall we felt like he was tired of working there. He was always polite enough, but it seemed like he’d be happy when the contract ended.