Back to China

After the excessive amount of sleep the night before, I wasn’t able to go to bed very early in Japan. Part of the problem was the room temperature. Instead of a thermostat with a number, there’s a rheostat that goes from cool to warm with no numbers. I guessed how cool I wanted it, and I guessed wrong, waking up at least twice to turn it down more.

When the phone call came in to wake me up, I was sound asleep and dreaming. Luckily I had mostly packed the night before, giving me extra time to stand under the shower and wish time would stop for a bit.

There was a delay that caused the captain to be behind on his preflight. That gave me a lot of time without interruptions, and surprisingly I was able to complete all my duties promptly. Later he said it was my “best leg” and that I was “finally up to speed,” a backhanded compliment that was really saying “I didn’t say anything the last 4 legs but I was unhappy with your performance.” I had to chuckle a little and bite down hard to avoid saying it had a lot to do with not being interrupted. I don’t know if they’re trained that way or that’s part of the captain persona here, but they mostly have the habit of seeing that I’m in the middle of something and demanding my full attention to whatever they’ve decided to interrupt me with. A great example of this myopia occurred approximately 3 seconds after I told him my electronic flight bag had failed and was rebooting. “Ok, I’m ready for the performance numbers now.” “Do you want me to come over to your side and run them on your EFB?” I asked.

On a lighter note, when we’re outside Chinese airspace and try to request digital ATIS, the message comes back “TIS REJECTED.” I’m sure it’s something like “terminal information services” or whatever, but in my mind I always hear a pirate saying, “Arrr, ’tis rejected matey!”

Anyway I’m back in Guangzhou and took a short nap before enjoying the executive floor breakfast again. Man, I thought I had a big room the lst time I was here, but this is huge! It’s a true suite with a 1/2 bath in the living room and then a full bath with the bedroom. Max is eating dinner way over there in ‘Murica, and then we’re planning to try out Planetside 2 together.