Meet & Greet

Before the ports I have to thank our Cruise Critic Roll Call leader, Fran aka peachcrek. She started the CC roll call and eventually organized a meet & greet and cocktail party the first day at sea as well as a group rate at a resort in Montego Bay.

It’s a good thing Fran didn’t come by plane either, because her bags must have been stuffed to the gills. She bought special presents for the 3 birthday ladies (Mrs. Thelma celebrating 100, Elle 40 and another I’ve forgotten). She also had at least 20 door prize bags that were given out. They were pretty significant considering she isn’t an employee and dragged them down from NJ for a bunch of people she’d never met. We really appreciated her hard work and friendliness.

We’d also like to thank Paul aka DeafDude for designing and printing door posters for everyone.

We didn’t stay for the cocktail party because it was time to pick up the boys from Camp Carnival. We thought the adults would appreciate us not bringing them there. It would have been fun to spend more time actually meeting and greeting everyone. We’ll have to try next time without the boys.