More Day 1

Please let me know if I’m breaking these up too much. I think after so many pictures it’s best to start a new post rather than making one monstrosity that someone will no doubt quote entirely to say “thx.”

Anyway, after lunch we briefly explored the aft outside deck. The Norwegian Star was parked right behind us. Coincidentally, we had already just about decided on a Baltic Capitals cruise someday, and the Star will be doing that duty for NCL next summer.

We walked back to the cabin and noticed the suitcases were outside. I was anxious to see if our, ahem, enhancements to plain soda, ahem, had made it through unharmed. Those ром бегунов sure did the trick!

While I had the suitcases open, I decided it was easy enough to just unpack. Elle usually puts all the hanging clothes right in with the hangers, so I was able to lift those out and be halfway done unpacking in about 30 seconds. I knew the safety drill was coming up, so I started looking for the life preservers. They were not in the designated closet but instead under the bed. I noticed we were short a child preserver and intended to ask our room steward when we met him.

The safety drill was the same as I always remember except life preservers are no longer required at the drills. That’s probably been going on for ages, but I haven’t cruised in 7 years. We had the usual long wait for the people who think they can get away with skipping the drill. During the wait, the carnival employee leading our section alternated between fussing at people for talking and carrying on a joking conversation with the closest guests. It was windy and a bit cold, but that didn’t stop Jack from passing out.

After the drill, I made the mistake of trying to rapidly carry Jack up 6 flights of stairs. I’m not in the same shape I was when I was 19 or even last year, and I had to stop and pant for awhile after the 4th flight of steps. The last 2 went much more slowly, but we made it back to the cabin just in time for Jack to wake up.

When we entered the room, a second child’s life jacket was sitting on the bed. It was cool to see even the smallest details taken care of without us having to ask.

While finishing unpacking, we noticed the ship start to move, and we alternated between the big front windows and the deck outside. It was too chilly for Elle and the boys to stay out there continuously, but I stayed out there the first 30-45 minutes. This post is seeming long again so I’ll break here and post my dreary Mississippi pics in the next one.