Embarkation Part 3

Jack enjoying a lounger in the cool, windy NO weather. IIRC, it sprinkled a bit on us too before we left.

Jack and Elle. He spends a lot more time with her since I work, but some days he’s a total Daddy’s boy.

At 12:30, Elle wanted to make a run for the cabin. I told her she could open it first since it was partially her b-day present, but she surprised me by disappearing into the 10th floor somewhere while Jack and I fought our way through the Lido deck crowds. After some waiting I finally met her and Max in our gorgeous cabin.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to leave most of the cabin pics and discussion in the Conquest Captain Suites thread. I took some quick pictures with the iPad and then we headed out for lunch.

Although in retrospect I should have just gone with my gut and ordered a Guy’s burger every day, Elle persuaded me not to overload since it was already later and she wanted everyone hungry for dinner. We chose sandwiches from the deli and were able to get a table with a good view. The Carnival staff’s friendliness impressed us right away. I’ve heard many of the employees do long contracts away from their families so they like playing with customers’ children. I’ve deployed enough times to understand that sentiment. It was sweet to see how they played with both boys, but honestly Jack usually winds up being the celebrity. Max has recently entered his teenage years about 5 years early and tries to be withdrawn and full of angst. We generally have to force him to talk to others, but the Carnival staff pulled him right out of his shell.