Embarkation continued

I’m going to drop the DS/DH/DW lingo here because I’ve never been a huge fan of it and I always feel the need to nerd out about our DS being a DSer. Anyway, the family is:

Me: Ted, 42 yo
Wife: Elle, 40 the day before the cruise
#1 Son: Max, 8
#2 Son: Jack, 5

Jack and I posed for a quick pic with my phone. The caption on Facebook read “On the ship. Phone off.” I wasn’t brave enough to turn it off right that second. My top button stopped working over Christmas and the only was I can power on my phone is with a plug. I wanted to wait until we were in the cabin before turning it off.

Jack and I on the ship!

I couldn’t resist running to the railing to take a picture of what would become our deck, right over the bridge there.

9202 deck from the outside

Max and Elle were as excited as me.

Max and Elle