The Park Plaza

More on my trip to Utrecht in November:
Did I mention I was in a fairly nice hotel? I was going to spend a total of 2 nights in Utrecht, and I didn’t have time to do a ton of research, so all I did was do a search of hotels rated 4 stars and above in Utrecht and compared that search with my daily hotel limit. The Park Plaza came in under the limit and seemed to be easy to find. An additional factor is that I was initially denied a rental car authorization and I planned to take the train from the airport. This hotel is right at the Utrecht train station.
As you can imagine, searching for “Park Plaza” will get you thousands of hits from companies all over the world, but after about 30 minutes I was able to find the link to the Park Plaza I wanted. It seemed like a decent hotel but said there was no availability for the days I was going. Another quick search led me to Bookings NL, where I picked up a room for the low, low price of €104 the first night and €150 the second, for a total of €254 or about $200 at the current exchange rate. Incidentally, after the trip I found that I was charged €20 more than the quoted rate. A quick email to Bookings NL fixed that error in no time!
The room included breakfast, which was good, but did not include the €10 a day parking fee in the small lot surrounding the hotel. I managed to find spots in the hotel lot both nights, but one afternoon when I got back from my business early the lot was full from a lunch conference and I had to park in the street for 30 minutes until something opened up.