Well, last night I thought a free Metro ride was all that, but today it got better! We woke up at 7:00 and decided to get dressed and say hi to Ted and Joelle before their tour. When we got to their room, they told us that the Orient rep was confused that we weren’t going on the tour and told us to just go ahead. We put our bags in the hallway like all of the other Orient passengers, and we saw them get taken out the front door with the rest.
We climbed on board the bus to join a 4 hour tour of Barcelona. It was very basic, but the guide, Nuria, made it enjoyable. The tour ended not at an area to buy lunch as promised, but at the ship where free (well prepaid, at least) lunch awaited us. Boarding was much quicker than our last cruise. We ate lunch and then did a little exploring around the ship. After just 2 hours onboard, I can give you my first impression: I don’t exactly know how to put it nicely, but if the average passenger age is 42 then they must have a roomful of infants hidden somewhere on the ship. I mean, some of these people might have been with Columbus on his first Atlantic cruise, if you get my drift. Anyway, we’ve got Ted and Joelle, and they’re all we really need!