Hurry up and…well, you know the rest

I’m sitting here in the passenger terminal where’ve been for nearly 4 hours now, but I’m thrilled to be here!

Yesterday I got late word that I would be able to maintain my flying currency at Ramstein and that they’d like me to come right up. e and MJ have been up there for 2 weeks now and were expecting to see me a week from today. Now that I have a reason to go TDY I’ll be able to go see them a week early, fly for a week, and then go into my pre-baby permissive TDY and leave.

e’s due on the 18th with our second boy. We’re both pretty excited but just last night were talking about how much of a change a baby is going to make even though we’ve been through this before.

Now that so much time has gone by, I’m not nearly as bubbling with excitement as I was when I first got here. It will still be great to surprise them, but as of now I’ve spent almost more time sitting here in the chair than I will be in flight. Hey, at least they have free wireless while we’re waiting!