All alone

Well, I dropped e off for her girls-only weekend with the women from our Bible study class, and now I’m here with MJ. I had grand plans: I figured that while I was out I’d take MJ over to the mall and walk around the stores with him for a while. I thought I might even head over to Best Buy since I don’t get to go there a whole lot anymore. I only lasted about 2 hours before The Boy beat me.
We got to the mall shortly after 9 and I saw that it opens at 9 for mall-walkers but the stores don’t open until 10. I had MJ in his stroller and pushed him around the mall for a few laps. When he got tired of that I sat down and let him out of the stroller for a bit. At 10 I loaded him up and started moving again. I saw a Radio Shack while I was walking and went back to get a belt clip for my cell phone. I broke mine about a month back and am getting very tired of carrying the phone in my pocket all the time.
As I was finishing the belt clip transaction MJ went from fussy to full-fledged screaming. I thought moving might help, but it did no good, and naturally everyone in the mall was staring at me like I was torturing the poor kid. I realized he was tired and reclined the stroller for him; the intensity of his screams increased at this.
I decided to leave if he was still screaming when we got to our exit, and as you may have guessed he was. I went out to e’s car, strapped him in his new car seat (that’s a whole other story) and drove off. Before I was out of the mall parking lot he was snoring. I thought about going back, but what’s the point? I’d have to unstrap him and move him to the stroller, thus ensuring he’d be in a screaming mood again. I brought him home and gently laid him in his crib where he’s been sleeping for nearly an hour. Now I know why it seems like e never goes anywhere.