Bye bye Blackbird…

Or Black Jeep, as the case may be. After 10 years of getting me up the hills, across the country, and back and forth to work, I let the old girl go this morning.
We decided several months ago that one of my cars had to go, and since I’m definitely not ready to lose my M3 I reluctantly decided to sell the Jeep. I put it in the paper 3 weeks ago, but it was still in my driveway this morning despite many phone calls and a few promising visits.
I finally decided to take e’s advice from 3 weeks ago: I took the Jeep over to Carmax and had it appraised. I honestly didn’t think they’d be interested in a 10-year-old Jeep, even one with only 50,000 miles on it, but they offered more than I expected to get in a private sale. I ran home for the title and let them have my baby. I am sad to see it go, but our house just isn’t big enough for 3 cars. I’m sure one day MJ will look at pictures and say he wishes I still had the Jeep, but hopefully he’ll be happy that I still have….
…a motorcycle! You may recall that I took a motorcycle safety course back in June. I’ve been holding off on getting a bike because getting e’s new car was more of a priority and I wanted to have the Jeep gone before buying another vehicle. While Carmax was preparing the check, we drove down to WOW Motorcycles to check out their stuff. I didn’t come away with a bike–yet–but I think I’m close. In the meantime I just ordered a Shoei X-11 Helmet and I bought a Fieldsheer jacket and some gloves today at WOW. Now I need to see if I can get someone who knows bikes to go looking with me.