Hot as heck!

After a month off from writing, I’m finding myself with some time on my hands and thought I’d post here. Elle’s right–this is tough to keep up with! I’m sitting in New Delhi where it’s 91° (but feels like 99°) at 1:40 in the morning! Last month turned out to be busier than I expected. After operating to Paris, we had a nice 36-hour layover where we got to meet some other pilots and eat some good French food, including mille feuille. I was excited to see it because Elle and I had recently learned about it as we re-watched The Great British Bake-off from the beginning. After that first night, we had a short trip to Milan where we got some shopping and good eating accomplished. Then we went to work. One night of Milan-Frankfurt-Paris, and then 3 nights in a row Paris-Cologne-Paris. We were whipped by the end and had a good break when we got a 36-hour layover at the end before heading back to Memphis. After that trip I was sure my flying was done. After all, I had only 22 hours left, and everyone assured me the schedulers wouldn’t use me for a trip that […]