Time to make the donuts

I’ve been off the blog for awhile because I haven’t been to work. My desire to spend time typing is low to begin with, and it really wanes when I’m home with my family. I finished my last trip from Milan to Memphis in March and then flew back to Orlando. I visited a local dentist because they advertised they make crowns in house, and I wanted to get my new crown in one visit. Unfortunately the dentist said the bone decay under my tooth was too advanced, and that tooth needed to be extracted. He also said I’d probably need implants to keep my upper teeth from growing down into the gap left by the extracted tooth. The Air Force said the same thing when they extracted the tooth’s neighbor 8 years ago. Their solution was to wear a mouth guard the rest of my life to keep my upper teeth in place. That lasted a few months before I just stopped wearing the guard. 8 years later my upper teeth haven’t moved down a milimeter. Despite the dubiousness of the dentist’s claim, I had already decided years ago to get implants should that second molar be pulled. I […]